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Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms apply to transportation with

Additional agreements may be made via email or through tour offers/confirmations.

General terms and conditions is obligated to use a bus that matches the agreed specifications for the transportation.

If a bus with significantly different specifications is used, this must be approved by the travel organizer.


The price and specifications are stated in the written order confirmation.

Payment terms are in advance unless otherwise agreed. is obligated to provide the bus cleaned and in a safe and operationally sound condition. commits to ensuring all legally required insurances.


Necessary driving permits are agreed upon with the travel organizer. staff must adhere to the uniform guidelines agreed upon during contract negotiations. staff must provide passengers with the best possible service, including assisting passengers boarding and disembarking.


For trips with overnight stays, the travel organizer must provide staff with facilities to the same extent and quality as the other participants in the travel arrangement. For multi-day trips, full board must be provided.


If the event is particularly luxurious or primitive, the staff's requirements for meals and lodging must be of a standard that can be considered satisfactory. reserves the right to refuse or remove passengers causing significant disturbance to the driver, other passengers, or general safety.


The driver is entitled to plan the journey so that it complies with all applicable laws, including necessary staffing in accordance with driving and rest time regulations.


The travel organizer covers all expenses related to transporting the bus by ship or ferry, tolls, toll fees, parking fees, tunnel fees, as well as road, VAT, and traffic taxes, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


The travel organizer is not allowed to place signs with their name, the tour designation, or destination on the bus windows.


Commissions, such as payments for stops at border shops, etc., go to unless otherwise agreed.


Passengers are allowed to bring beverages on board.


Any onboard sales must only occur after an agreement between and the organizer. is not responsible for varying/missing facilities, selections, internet coverage, etc., due to external factors.


The travel organizer is responsible for ensuring passengers do not damage the vehicle. Any compensation is added to the invoice.


The travel organizer is responsible for ensuring passengers do not cause unnecessary extensive cleaning of the vehicle. Any extra cleaning is added to the invoice.


Lost items will be delivered to the company's terminal, Ledreborg Allé 22, 4000 Roskilde, after the journey and can be collected by appointment.


No liability is accepted for lost items.

If situations arise during the journey that the travel organizer is unhappy with, they must immediately inform the driver.


If the situation is not resolved, the travel organizer is obliged to notify at the emergency phone +45 46 46 26 00.


Complaints about the transportation must be made in writing and no later than 48 hours after the completion of the journey.


Cancellation and timeliness


The transport buyer has the right to cancel a transportation arrangement.


Up to 30 days before the transportation, 25% of the total price is payable.* Up to 14 days before the transportation, 50% of the total price is payable.*


Up to 7 days before the transportation, 75% of the transportation price is payable.*


After that, the full transportation price is payable.

  • However, always a minimum of 2500 DKK.


The price is calculated based on the specifications received from the travel organizer.


Changes, requested or caused by the travel organizer, that extend the driving and/or waiting time compared to the order confirmation, will be billed accordingly.


The bus must be at the agreed starting point at the agreed departure time with a 15-minute margin.


Any delays must be immediately communicated to the travel organizer via phone, SMS, or similar means.


If there's no show or if the delay is over 2 hours (6 hours abroad), the travel organizer is entitled to provide another bus in the same price range, if possible.


Alternatively, compensation is provided, at least corresponding to the bus hourly rate and the delay.


However, neither party has any claims against the other if a no-show or delay is due to force majeure (traffic accidents, disasters, strikes, blockades, riots, storms, or similar).


Passengers must be ready at the specified time and location stated in the order confirmation.


If there's a delay that could affect other customers, can substitute with another

vehicle or shorten the planned trip and charge for the delay.


In the event of a delay or hindrance due to force majeure, or other circumstances beyond the carrier's control, any meal expenses are not the responsibility of the carrier.


Examples of service interruptions:

A bus is booked for 2 hours but breaks down after 1 hour: The travel organizer is compensated 1,000 DKK, corresponding to 1 lost hour multiplied by the bus's hourly rate.

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