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What does it take to drive a party bus?
Almost nothing – we handle the driving as agreed with you. Booking must be made by individuals over 18 years of age, or with the consent/responsibility of a parent/guardian.

Do you have to provide your own driver?

No – with us, you purchase the bus trip as a complete solution, which includes the bus with a driver, sound system, and the option to bring your own beverages.

Beverages on board

Beverages are not included – but you're allowed to bring your own. Contact us for options regarding onboard catering.

Smoking on board

Strictly prohibited. Smoking is not allowed on the buses, which are equipped with smoke alarms. Violation will incur a fee equivalent to cleaning – minimum of DKK 2,000. It is possible to arrange smoking breaks.

Payment, invoicing, deposit

When booking, you'll be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your reservation. The remaining amount must be paid, unless otherwise agreed, before the trip can start – at the latest in cash on the day. We only accept card payments by agreement. The payment information will be on the invoice, which you can pay conveniently via online banking.

If you've received an invoice, you must use the FI payment line for online payments. This ensures that your payment is correctly registered. Only by agreement, or for payments from abroad, can the following account details be used for bank transfers. Always use the FI code/payment slip provided on the invoice.

Account: 5491

IBAN: DK5654910001719145


Individual payments by participants are not possible – deposits and payments are received collectively.

Renting without a driver

For rentals on a daily basis (without a driver), a rental contract is issued detailing the deductible, deposit, etc. Remember to bring photo ID, driver's license, and the security/deposit.

Driving in environmental zones

The buses are equipped with environmental filters and are generally permitted to drive in the city center.


Terms and conditions apply, which are attached to the offer, order confirmation, and invoice. For cancellations close to the start of the trip, fees may apply. Contact us to discuss further.


External factors (force majeure) might unfortunately cause a trip to be delayed, altered, or canceled. We continuously take all reasonable precautions, but if things go awry, an individual assessment will be made. Complaints should be made as soon as an unexpected situation occurs, i.e., to the driver during the trip, to provide an opportunity to address the issue. Generally, the buses are very weather-resistant, and cancellations are very rare.

Contact outside opening hours

By calling our number +45 46 46 26 00 outside of opening hours, you have the option to be redirected to our emergency phone, which answers urgent inquiries.

Music/Sound system

It's recommended to prepare a playlist and device, that can be played from the driver's seat via a minijack plug, CD, USB, and in some cases, Bluetooth.

Damage to the bus or equipment Immediately contact the person in charge of your trip and the driver so that we can find a solution together – also for safety reasons. Vomit, opening confetti tubes, or similar actions result in a fee of DKK 1,000 each time.

Waste, Cleanup

The trip includes light cleanup, meaning all waste must be placed in trash bins/bags during or after the trip.

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