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15 original party buses

LAST MINUTE: Do you urgently need a bus?
Call Friday, Saturday 10am-midnight and ask if we have any a good offer and hole in the calendar for you.

Call us at +45 46 46 26 00

Denmark's largest supplier of party buses. We have a total of 15 green party buses, and we look forward to driving for you.

In order to be able to give you an offer, you must fill in your address and postcode. and city, at start and end addresses and and in Name address field, order bus 15-30 min. if you need to make a table reservation or football match etc. !

Most of our buses are slightly open in the summer, and therefore have good ventilation and indoor climate, while they are closed in the winter. We primarily drive from Zealand.

The buses Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Pink 40/50 pass. are similar and most popular.

Bus limos: Alpha/November Mega buses are up to 100 passes. (Bravo, Juliet 40 pass.)

See all the buses here.

All have poles, lights, smoke, table/sofa groups and a good music system for ipod/aux sockets. We always have a music system on the bus. We ask you, for example, bring playlist IPHONE, own drinks, iPhone charging cable (usb-lightning), we also have this cable, but just in case

For security reasons, we keep approx. 5-10 min. smoking-pee break per hour/module. We think about the environment, and therefore the time may have to be moved by 10-15 minutes. but you will be warned. We can sometimes drive forward 5 min. before so there is time to end the party and hear the last song.


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